Blue Horizons Solar Shield – reduce evaporation and heat loss


A liquid pool blanket that helps reduce evaporation and heat loss

Compatible with all sanitisers

One dose lasts up to a month


Blue Horizons Solar Shield – 2 litre

Key Features/Characteristics

  • Liquid pool blanket
  • Reduces evaporation and heat loss
  • Compatible with all sanitisers
  • Lasts up to one month
  • Minimises heat loss by forming a harmless, ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the water’s surface to reduce evaporation.

Application Instructions

  1. Shake bottle well before use.
  2. Dose the required amount of Solar Shield whilst the pumps are turned ‘on’ to assist product distribution.
  3. Run the pumps for at least an hour after application to allow the invisible pool blanket to form on the surface.
  4. In cold water below 18oC (65oF), some harmless residue/cloudiness may be created that should disappear within 24 hours.

Dose Rates
Litres Gallons                         Monthly treatment routine
4,546 1,000                                              15ml
11,365 2,500                                            35ml
22,730 5,000                                           75ml
45,460 10,000                                       150ml*
68,190 15,000                                        225ml

*Monthly dose rate per 10,000 gallons or 37m2 of surface area.

Can be used with all types of sanitiser.

For best results, angle inlets (returns) downward to decrease water surface movement.

Solar Shield is most effective in still water.

Note: Do not store Blue Horizons Solar Shield at temperatures below 4oC (40oF)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Pack Size


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