Analytical Sampling

WaterCare Solutions use only independent NAMAS/UKAS accredited laboratories for analysis of deposit or water samples – assuring you of an independent result carried out to current sampling guideline.

Analytical Sampling of Water Quality

We offer a full range of analysis to detect any of the following:

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Total Viable Count (TVC)

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Escherichia Coli (E.Coli)

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Nitrite Reducing Bacteria (NRB)

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Scale and deposit analysis

We also offer BISRA sampling and full chemical water analysis (pH, Conductivity, Iron, Copper, Lead, Calcium Etc).

We offer full support and advice for result interpretation following sampling.

Tube failure? we also offer metallurgical examination to ascertain the possible cause of the failure (e.g. caustic cracking, pitting corrosion, thermal stress)

Conducting a Water Hygiene Service with a vial half full of water

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