Air Hygiene

It’s not only a statutory requirement, but common sense dictates that providing a clean safe working environment for employees and visitors is beneficial for a happy and more productive workforce.

Ducted air systems in offices or manufacturing facilities come under the requirements of COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) and should be free from airborne contaminants; dust, gases and bacteria with plenty of fresh air.

Over time, the filters in these systems gradually block up leading to poor air flow and heat transfer, the ingress of vermin and other creature’s results in the delivery of poor air quality to the room space with high levels of respirable dust, bacteria and gases.

Air quality:

Our professional air quality testing and indoor air hygiene services are delivered by our great team here at Watercare Solutions we combine our experienced specialists with our companies high-performance testing and analytical equipment to improve and manage indoor air quality.

We use cutting edge technology to evaluate the air quality and environmental issues in the space we are running the tests in, our Indoor air quality tests include Assessments, Air Testing, Local Exhaust Ventilation testings and much more.

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Expert testing air hygiene from the air vents
Expert cleaning commercial kitchen HVAC to help with hygiene

Air Hygiene Package Features

WaterCare Solutions offer Air Hygiene packages in line with current legislation and industry guidelines, including the following:

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Inspections and Surveys

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System cleaning

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Fogging and disinfection

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Vermin screen and netting

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Replacement filters

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Air quality monitoring

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Service contracts

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Duckwork inspections

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Swab and contact plates for bacterial analysis

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Fungi moulds & yeasts

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Particle analysis

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