Blue Horizons Extra Thick Tile and Liner Cleaner

Blue Horizons Extra Thick Tile and Liner Cleaner is a fast acting waterline cleaner, effective against scale & staining and helps to promote bacteria and algae free surfaces.


Blue Horizons Extra Thick Tile and Liner Cleaner

Blue Horizons Tile & Liner Cleaner 2 Litre is a highly effective liquid cleaner used to remove oils and greases that accumulate around your swimming pool waterline. Deposits of dirt can form on a swimming pool waterline through the entry of sun cream, detergents and cosmetics. This can become a breeding ground for bacteria and also make the pool extremely unsightly. Compatible with all types of swimming pool surface. This cleaner does not react with sanitisers, enabling the waterline to be cleaned without unbalancing water chemistry.

Instructions for use:

  • Always test on a small area of your swimming pool to test compatibility before treating the whole pool.
  • Wet the area to be treated using pool water.
  • Apply Tile and Liner cleaner using a sponge or cloth to the surface to be cleaned.
  • Gently work the Tile and Liner cleaner onto the waterline to remove any staining.
  • After cleaning the area, rinse thoroughly with pool water

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 cm
Pack Size


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