Blue Horizons Filter Cleaner


Blue Horizons Filter Cleaner removes oils and greases from sand & cartridge filters and rapidly restores filter efficiency.  Liquid for easy application.



Blue Horizons Filter Cleaner

Removes oils and greases from sand & cartridge filters

Rapidly restores filter efficiency

Liquid for easy application

Dose 500ml for a 24” Filter

Application Instructions:

IMPORTANT – Always wear rubber gloves and eye protection when using this

Sand Filters:

  • Backwash the filter thoroughly, then turn the pump off.
  • Pour the required amount of Blue Horizons Filter Cleaner into the pump basket and secure the lid.
  • Turn the pump on for 2-3 seconds only, until the Filter Cleaner moves into the filter. Then leave switched off for 12 hours allowing the Filter Cleaner to cleanse the media.
  • Backwash the filter thoroughly until the backwash water runs clear.

Dose rates for sand filters
12” filter                           200ml
18” filter                           350ml
24” filter                          500ml

Cartridge Filters:

  • Remove cartridge and place in a clean plastic container holding enough clean water to allow complete immersion of the cartridge.
  • Add 1ltr of Filter Cleaner per 20ltrs of water ensuring the cartridge is fully immersed.
  • Allow to stand for a minimum of 8 hours, then carefully remove cartridge element from the solution and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Allow the cartridge element to dry before returning it to service.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm
Pack size


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