Aquablanc O2 Gentle


Aquablanc O2 Gentle – A popular alternative to chlorine or bromine for a pure and gentle swimming pool water. Easy to dose twin sachets. Clarifies for crystal clear water.


Aquablanc O2 Gentle – Pool Water Treatment System

Aquablanc O2 Gentle is a fantastic new non-chlorine system for maintaining crystal clear & bacteria free swimming pool water. Supplied as a convenient twin sachet system, O2 Gentle provides water that is kinder to your skin, eyes & hair through oxygen based disinfection. O2 Gentle also contains clarifying properties & minimises scale formation making it the ideal product for maintaining optimum water quality. As a guide, Aquablanc O2 Gentle is applied to your pool once a week.

Key Features/Characteristics

  • Dual sachet system
  • Gentler approach to pool care
  • Maintain pH levels within the ideal range of 7.0 – 7.4.

Application Instructions:

Before converting a pool to Aquablanc O2 Gentle, shock dose with Blue Horizons Granular Shock, Rapid Shock or Shock ‘n’ Floc to a minimum of 5 mg/l but ideally 10mg/l free chlorine.

Initial Dose: Add two double sachets (2 x powder sachets & 2 liquid sachets) per 4,400 gallons (20m3) of pool water.
Weekly Dose: Add one double sachet (1 x powder sachet & 1 liquid sachet) per 4,400 gallons (20m3) of pool water.

  • Carefully apply the powder sachet first aiming for even distribution close to the pool water surface. Apply whilst the filter pump(s) are turned ‘on’ to aid distribution. Warning: When dosing this sachet, check wind direction first to ensure granules are not blown back towards you.
  • Pour the liquid sachet into the pool, whilst the pump(s) are turned ‘on’ preferably near the water inlets to aid distribution.
  • Test the oxygen level one hour after applying Aquablanc O2 Gentle. The oxygen level should be between 5 – 8mg/l.
  • If the oxygen figure is below this level, the weekly dose rate of O2 Gentle may need to be increased.
  • Alternatively it may be time to shock dose the swimming pool with Aquablanc Active Oxygen Liquid or a Blue Horizons chlorine shock product.

Additional information

Weight 3.24 kg
Dimensions N/A
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