Blue Horizons Splasher Pool Starter Kit


The Blue Horizons pool starter kit is provides all you need to get your pool ready for immediate use.


Blue Horizons Splasher Pool Starter Kit  is a popular above ground pool starter kit presented in a plastic carry case and includes

  • 500g established chlorine granules
  • 750g pH Minus
  • 500g pH Plus
  • 500ml Algae Controller
  • 3-Way Chlorine Test Strips
  • Above Ground Pool Guide.

The range of water treatment is great for above ground pools up to 24ft.

The Stabilised Chlorine Granules are rapid dissolving and are popular for making sure the water is safe and bacteria free.

Also included is the pH Minus and pH Plus to adjust the alkalinity levels of the water along with the help of 3-way test strips to ensure that the pool water is safe for use.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

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